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2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Bobbie Brown, Registrar

Office of the Registrar | 103 West Hall | Box 45015
Lubbock, TX 79409-5015 | T 806.742.3661
F 806.742.0355 | www.reg.ttu.edu

Each semester and summer term opens with a registration period during which the formal process of enrollment in the university is completed. Prior to registering for each semester or summer term, students who complete the admission process are notified of their admission to the university and are furnished additional materials regarding the actual registration process.

Order for Registration. Priority for time of registration is generally based upon the student’s classification as designated by Academic Council. Exceptions to any of the assigned registration times will not be made.

See the Graduate School  section of this catalog for information specific to graduate students.

Matriculation Number. Generally, the student’s Tech ID is used for matriculation and record identification purposes. Disclosure of the social security number for these purposes is voluntary. A social security number is needed for financial aid purposes.

Stop Enrollment/Stop Registration. Insufficient information or improper information given by the student on any admission or registration form will constitute cause for delaying the admission or enrollment for the student. Students with this type of administrative hold on their records may be denied registration. For information about administrative holds and status of holds on students’ records, refer to “Administrative Holds ” in the Academic Requirements  section of this catalog.

Name Change. Students who have a change in legal name must notify the Registrar’s Office. A student may not register under a name different from that used during the last enrollment without completing the change of name form and supplying official documentation of name change. All transcripts are issued under the student’s legal name as recorded in the Registrar’s Office.

Registration of Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses. An undergraduate student who is within 12 semester hours of graduation and has at least a B average in the major subject may enroll for courses carrying graduate credit, subject to the approval of the dean of the academic college and the Dean of the Graduate School. This approval must be obtained on special forms provided by the Graduate School at the time of registration. Once approved, a permit for registration will be issued by the Graduate School. No course taken without this approval may be counted for graduate credit.

An undergraduate who is permitted to enroll for graduate credit as described above but has not previously taken the Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examinations may be required by specific degree programs to take the test during the first semester of enrollment in graduate courses.

Students who enroll in accelerated graduate degree programs will be coded as a graduate student at the point they have completed 90 undergraduate credit hours and a minimum of 120 combined undergraduate and graduate hours. Students who gain early admission to graduate school will be coded as a graduate student after they have completed all requirements for the undergraduate degree. The maximum course load that may be carried by an undergraduate taking courses for graduate credit is 16 credit hours in a semester or 6 hours in a summer term. An undergraduate may not accumulate more than 12 semester hours for graduate credit before being admitted to the Graduate School. Undergraduates permitted to enroll for graduate credit are expected to complete all of their undergraduate requirements within the academic year in which they first enroll for graduate credit.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the necessary forms and to follow prescribed procedures in registering for any course. An undergraduate student who enrolls in a course for graduate credit without obtaining proper approval will be dropped from that course.

Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate credit may not be paid financial aid for graduate credit hours.

Change of Schedule. With proper approval, students who wish to request a change in schedule may do so. Student-initiated changes in schedule, including adding and dropping courses, should be arranged via MyTech by the appropriate deadlines; changes are not official until all steps in the process have been completed. The university reserves the right to make changes in a student’s schedule.

Enrollment Without Credit. Persons who wish to audit a course for no grade must obtain written permission from the dean of the college in which the course is offered. Those who audit a course do so for the purpose of hearing or seeing only; they do not have the privilege of participating in class discussions or laboratory or field work, of turning in papers, or of receiving a grade or credit in the course. Students who audit a course will not be listed on the class roll, and no notation of the audit will be made on the student’s transcript.

Students enrolled for fewer than 12 semester credit hours in a semester (6 hours in summer) must pay a $10 per semester credit hour fee for the privilege of auditing a course. Written permission from the dean of the college in which the course is being taught and from the course instructor is required. This permission must be supplied to Student Business Services for payment. No charge is assessed for enrollment of 12 or more semester credit hours. (Senior citizens 65 years of age and older are exempt from payment of this fee regardless of the number of semester credit hours.)

Exemptions for Texas Veterans Under the Hazlewood Act. The purpose of the state’s Hazlewood Exemption (Hazlewood Act) is to provide an education benefit to honorably discharged or separated Texas veterans and to eligible dependent children and spouses of Texas veterans. For more information see Military and Veterans Programs at: www.mvp.ttu.edu

Veterans’ Certification. Each student using federal VA Educational Assistance is responsible for providing accurate information to Military and Veterans Programs. Because the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs requires updated information concerning any changes, students must report all changes of status in their academic schedule or address. Undergraduate students who have accumulated 64 or more credit hours must file a copy of their official degree plan or teacher certification plan with the Veterans Coordinator or enrollment certification will be canceled. Graduate students must be admitted into an approved program and provide a degree plan as soon as possible after enrollment in Texas Tech.

All students using these federal or state benefits must be certified immediately following registration each semester through the Department of Military and Veterans Programs, 147 Drane Hall, 806.742.6877, www.mvp.ttu.edu.

Any student using the federal or state Tuition Assistance Program through the Department of Defense should provide documentation to Student Business Services, 301 West Hall, 806.742.3272, sbs.ttu.edu.

Advising and Registration Tools. To support its students in the processes of academic advising, schedule building, and course registration, the university provides a variety of helpful guides, people, and other resources. Students prepare by working through the quick registration checklist (j.mp/ttusuccessgo). Academic advising appointments can be scheduled online via www.strive.ttu.edu. A more comprehensive, dynamic guide to all student resources, including descriptions and maps, is also provided online at www.provost.ttu.edu/success/resources.