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2021-2022 Texas Tech School of Law Catalog 
2021-2022 Texas Tech School of Law Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Law Program for Undergraduates

Pre-Law Program for Undergraduates

Students who are interested in attending law school should begin preparing long before graduation. The discipline of law is for students who are interested in combining precision in thinking, researching, and writing with a desire to work with people. While many law school graduates choose to practice in the courtroom, others leverage their newly developed skills to excel in other fields. The TTU Pre-Law Program cultivates the undergraduate to become a confident and articulate law school applicant bearing exceptional qualifications. Participants focus on the three essential areas identified by law school professionals nationwide:

  • Writing and speaking with comprehension and clarity.
  • Understanding social institutions and human nature.
  • Thinking creatively and analytically.

To aid students in their law school preparations, the Pre-Law Program functions through a four-part model:

  • Advising. Through access to the pre-law advisor, program assistants and ambassadors, students are easily able to ask questions and voice concerns about their decision to attend law school and receive help with the application process.
  • Roundtables and Events. Monthly events aim to familiarize students with the essential aspects of the law school application process, including LSAT, GPA, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and resume. Additionally these events strive to educate students on best practices and tips for doing well in law school (both personally and academically) and to broaden the understanding of legal fields and specialties.
  • Learning Community. The Pre-Law Learning Community provides a unique experience for future law students to live together in an environment supporting their academic, personal, and professional success.
  • Legal Studies Minor. The interdisciplinary minor in legal studies formally guides and encourages the exploration of law and its influence in society. The curriculum blends challenging course options in students’ home disciplines with relevant interdisciplinary electives to facilitate an interest in and an appreciation for the beneficial application of theory and research through the vehicle of law.

Prospective law students need a four-year bachelor’s degree in the academic discipline of their choice. Law schools are generally most interested in applicants who exhibit intellectual maturity and have the foundation of a broad-based liberal arts education. They consider exceptional applicants from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, some providing programs for early admission to qualified applicants. 

Contact: Texas Tech University Advising, 347 Drane Hall, 806.742.2189,