Jun 01, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog


Texas Tech University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog is largely a static document meant to reflect the requirements and programs in existence at the time of a student’s enrollment in the university. Texas Tech University permits occasional changes to courses or programs effective within the current academic year. When changes make a course or program less restrictive, and these changes are made after the publication of the catalog, the catalog is updated to reflect the new, less restrictive requirements. Below is a list of course- or program-altering items which have been modified since the catalog’s initial online publication in April 2023. Please note that these changes will NOT be reflected in the printed version of the catalog.

Summary of Catalog Changes

Item Change Made Date Effective
CMLL 1301 , CMLL 1302 , CMLL 2301 , CMLL 2302 KOR 1501  KOR 1502  KOR 2301  KOR 2302   Corrected TCCNS Designations 4/10/2023
ENVE 3301   Revised Course Prerequisite/Corequisite 4/13/2023
Geography and the Environment, B.A.   Revised Communication Literacy Plan 4/17/2023
Kinesiology, B.S.   Corrected Incorrect Curriculum Table 4/19/2023
Advertising, Undergraduate Minor   Added Missing Course 5/03/2023
History, M.A. ; Nutritional Sciences, M.S.    Added Online Modality 5/10/2023
BOT 6302 to BIOL 6306   Changed Course Prefix and Number 5/18/2023
Environmental Design, M.S. ; History, M.A.   Reduced Semester Credit Hours 5/19/2023
Finance, M.S. ; Finance, B.B.A. / Finance, M.S.   Reduced Semester Credit Hours
and Changed Curricular Content
Charitable Financial Planning Graduate Certificate ; Geography and the Environment, B.A. ; Apparel Design and Manufacturing, B.S.   Changed Curricular Content 5/24/2023
THA 3301   Added New Course 5/26/2023
Conservation Law Enforcement, B.S.   Corrected Elective Course Options 5/31/2023