Jul 20, 2018  
2016-2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Texas Tech University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog is largely a static document meant to reflect the requirements and programs in existence at the time of a student’s enrollment in the university. Texas Tech University permits occasional changes to courses or programs effective within the current academic year. When changes make a course or program less restrictive, and these changes are made after the publication of the catalog, the catalog is updated to reflect the new, less restrictive requirements. Below is a list of course- or program-altering items which have been modified since the catalog’s initial online publication in May 2016. Please note that these changes will NOT be reflected in the printed version of the catalog.

Summary of Catalog Changes

Item Change Made Date Effective
ME 5342    Prerequisites removed. 5/4/16
Military History, Undergraduate Minor   Removed HIST 3304  from Group C; added HIST 4304  and HIST 4361 . 5/5/16
KIN 2199   Departmental approval prerequisite clarified. 5/5/16
B.S. in Kinesiology Minor changes to curriculum table 5/11/16
B.S. in Sport Management Minor changes to curriculum table 5/11/16
ECE 1304 , ECE 1305   Changed GPA requirement 5/12/16
ECE 3331   Updated prerequisites 5/12/16
Dept. of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures Removed reference to accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degree 5/23/16
ECE 2372   Changed GPA requirement effective Spring 2017 6/7/16
AP Credit by Exam Changed credit earned for European history to 3 6/7/16
ECE 4310   Changed prerequisite course effective Spring 2017 6/8/16
FIN 6332   Changed prerequisite effective Spring 2017 6/9/16
PHYS 2402   Added prerequisite effective Spring 2017 6/9/16
STAT 5328 , STAT 5329 , STAT 5386   Updated description effective Fall 2016. 6/13/16
B.S. in Biology, ecology and environmental biology specialization Added BIOL 3301  and ZOOL 4421  to Group III 6/13/16
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Agriculture—Teacher Certification Minor changes to curriculum table 6/14/16
B.S. in Agricultural Communications Minor changes to curriculum table 6/14/16
B.A. and B.S. in Mathematics Added MATH 4101  to Breadth component 8/19/16
B.S. in Computer Engineering Added ECE 4310  and CS 4365  to elective options 9/7/16