Oct 22, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Texas Tech University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog is largely a static document meant to reflect the requirements and programs in existence at the time of a student’s enrollment in the university. Texas Tech University permits occasional changes to courses or programs effective within the current academic year. When changes make a course or program less restrictive, and these changes are made after the publication of the catalog, the catalog is updated to reflect the new, less restrictive requirements. Below is a list of course- or program-altering items which have been modified since the catalog’s initial online publication in April 2018. Please note that these changes will NOT be reflected in the printed version of the catalog.

Summary of Catalog Changes

Item Change Made Date Effective
Textual Change Updated Arts & Sciences “Baccalaureate Degrees” text to reflect recommendation to take all courses within Arts & Sciences. 4/26/18
Text Addition Added policy on graduation with honors for second Texas Tech University degree students. 5/8/18
Program Updates Hours correction for Agribusiness degrees, reflective of THECB decision. 5/10/18
CL Update Added ANTH 3310 to list of Communication Literacy courses for B.S. in Anthropology. 6/22/18
ACCT 4301 Updated course prerequisites. 6/25/18
ACCT 5301 Eased course prerequisites. 7/31/18
ART and ARTH Courses Eased course prerequisites for a number of courses. 7/31/18
English, B.A. Added course options to Creative Writing concentration. 10/31/18
CHEM 4312 Corrected prerequisite to CHEM 3307.