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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Magdalena Toda, Ph.D., Chairperson

Horn Professor: Conover
Dick and Martha Brooks Regents Professor: B. Ghosh
Professors: Aulisa, Christensen, Gelca, Iyer, Jang, Lewis, Lindquist, Rachev, L. Schovanec, Solynin, Surles, Toda, Trindade, A. Wang, G. B. Williams
Associate Professors: Bornia, Ellingson, Hamilton, Higgins, Hoang, Howle, Juan, Ledet, Lee, Long, Lu, McCarthy, Monico, Peace, D. Volchenkov, Weinberg, F. Zhang
Assistant Professors: Guo, Laubmeier, Liu, Pavlov, Pouliasis, Tran, N. Wang, Yamazaki, W. Zhang
Assistant Professor of Practice: Gruber
Lecturers: Athukorallage, Nunez, P. Schovanec, C. Williams
Instructors: Erwin, Lauria, Surowiec, L. Volchenkov, M. Williams

CONTACT INFORMATION: 201 Mathematics and Statistics Bldg. | Box 41042 | Lubbock, TX 79409-1042 | T 806.742.2566 | F 806.742.1112 | www.math.ttu.edu

About the Department

This department supervises the following degree and certificate programs:

Dual Degree Program

In addition, the department has offered a Master of Arts in Mathematics, but this program no longer accepts new students. Since Fall 2017, it has been replaced by the Graduate Certificate in Mathematics offered in conjunction with (or in addition to) a master’s or doctoral degree in another field. The departmental emphasis is placed on the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in the mathematical sciences.

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in actuarial science  has been offered since 2008. In addition, the department supervises programs leading to minors in mathematics and to teacher certification in mathematics at the middle and secondary school levels.

Additional Requirements

Residency Requirement. For the minor and major in mathematics, at least one half of the upper-level mathematics courses must be taken in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Texas Tech University. This residency requirement will be waived by the department only in very exceptional circumstances.

Teacher Education. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics cooperates with the College of Education in offering plans for teacher certification in mathematics at both the middle and secondary school levels. A student must have a grade of C or better in each mathematics course counted toward middle- or secondary-education certification.

The courses offered in mathematics for students intending to prepare themselves for middle school teaching are MATH 1320 , MATH 2370 , MATH 2371 , MATH 3370 , MATH 3371 , MATH 3372 , and MATH 4370 .

The student preparing to teach in the secondary school may select mathematics as a teaching field and complete the program for teacher certification in mathematics. Students planning to become high school teachers should minor in secondary education. Students wishing to obtain teacher certification should consult with the department’s undergraduate advisor and see a College of Education advisor to complete a certification plan.

The minimum requirements for the teaching field in mathematics at the secondary level are as follows:

NOTE: A satisfactory score on the placement exam or satisfactory completion of TSI requirements is required for entrance to all above courses. Texas Success Initiative (TSI) students who have not passed the mathematics section of the TSI test may not enroll in MATH 1320  or MATH 1321  until they have successfully completed their prescribed program of TSI mathematics skills development. See course listings for descriptions and prerequisites for the courses listed above.

Undergraduate Dual Degree

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics participates with the Department of Computer Science  in offering a 162-hour dual degree program in mathematics and computer science. This is a five-year program that culminates in a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in computer science from the College of Arts & Sciences and a B.S. in Computer Science from the Whitacre College of Engineering. Students should consult with an academic advisor in each college and may declare either as their primary college. See the Department of Computer Science  catalog section for curriculum information.

Graduate Program

For information on graduate programs offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, visit the Graduate Programs  section of the catalog.

Undergraduate Program Offerings, Course Descriptions & Curricular Tables

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