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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Media & Communication Graduate Programs


The College of Media & Communication offers both the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Students seeking admission to the graduate program should consult the college’s Associate Dean of Graduate Studies before enrolling in any courses.

Upon entering the college’s program, graduate majors may be required to take undergraduate or graduate leveling work. This requirement will depend on the student’s prior academic or professional experience in mass communications. Leveling courses must be taken in addition to the graduate-hour requirements noted in the program options above. Students should consult the college’s Associate Dean of Graduate Studies regarding these requirements.

Department of Communication Studies

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies offers advanced study of human communication in face-to-face, public, and mediated contexts. Students are encouraged to pursue research interests in organizational and small group communication, intercultural and interpersonal communication, instructional communication, and/or rhetoric and public affairs. Ultimately, the program aims to foster and promote a theory of engaged living. The M.A. degree prepares students for a career in a wide array of arenas, including but not limited to, non-profits, start-ups, corporate contexts, and educational institutions. Alternatively, many students elect to continue their studies and matriculate into Ph.D. programs. The M.A. in communication studies is a 36-hour program; it includes three core courses: (1) COMS 5310 , (2) COMS 5300  or COMS 5306 , and (3)  COMS 5301 , COMS 5305 , or COMS 5307 . GTAs are also required to take COMS 6307 . To complete the degree requirements, students choose from among various options: a thesis, two publishable papers, a praxis report, or qualifying exams.

Program Offerings & Course Descriptions


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      ADV - Advertising (Graduate Courses)CMI - Creative Media Industries (Graduate Courses)COMS - Communication Studies (Graduate Courses)JOUR - Journalism (Graduate Courses)MCOM - Mass Communications (Graduate Courses)PCOM - Professional Communication (Graduate Courses)PHOT - Photography (Graduate Courses)PR - Public Relations (Graduate Courses)