Jun 12, 2021  
2016-2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

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Angela Lumpkin, Ph.D., Chairperson

Professors: Hart, Lochbaum, Lumpkin, McComb
Associate Professors: Gonzales, Roncesvalles, Tacón
Assistant Professors: Blinch, Chang, Cohen, Dhurandhar, Huml, Kim, Nite, Palmer, Rocha, Rode, Tinsley
Instructors: Hinojosa, Key, Kitten, Reeve, Wiedenfeld

CONTACT INFORMATION: 141 Kinesiology and Sport Management, Box 43011, Lubbock, TX 79409-3011 T 806.742.3371, F 806.742.1688, www.depts.ttu.edu/ksm

About the Department

This department supervises the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
  • Master of Science in Kinesiology
  • Master of Science in Sport Management
  • J.D./M.S. in Sport Management

These programs prepare individuals for professional careers in the fitness, rehabilitative services, and sport fields, advanced graduate study, and entry into allied health programs.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate students with majors in this department complete 36 junior/senior-level hours plus a minimum of an 18-hour minor. Each student must meet with a departmental advisor to develop a plan of study to verify the appropriate courses needed to complete degree requirements. Students in pre-allied health fields are encouraged to consult with a departmental advisor for information about required courses and acceptable substitutions. Department faculty provide information about potential careers in kinesiology and sport management.

Athletic Training Emphasis

Students who wish to become licensed as a high school athletic trainer in Texas can participate in a collaborative program offered by the department in conjunction with the Texas Tech University Department of Athletics. Students interested in this opportunity must be accepted into the student athletic training program and complete specified courses and internship hours. Required courses offered by the department include biomechanics; exercise physiology; care and prevention of athletic injuries; athletic injury evaluation and assessment; therapeutic exercise and modalities; first aid, CPR, and AED; and practicum in athletic training. After satisfactory completion of these requirements, students will be qualified to take the Texas Athletic Training Licensure Examination.

Personal Fitness and Wellness Program

All students interested in learning sport skills, improving their health and physical fitness, and developing knowledge about sport, exercise, and physical activity can enroll in courses in the personal fitness and wellness program. To satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences requirement of two hours of fitness and wellness, students may complete any two personal fitness and wellness (PFW) courses. For a specific activity or course, the completion of the course sequence is allowed if the sequence is taken in the appropriate order from beginning to advanced levels. Students participating in varsity athletics may enroll in the personal fitness and wellness course that corresponds to their varsity sport, with a maximum of 1 credit hour per academic year per sport.

Graduate Program

For information on graduate programs offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management, visit the Graduate School  section.

Program Offerings & Course Descriptions


    Bachelor’sUndergraduate Minor


      Health (Undergraduate Courses)Kinesiology (Undergraduate Courses)Personal Fitness and Wellness (Undergraduate Courses)Sport Management (Undergraduate Courses)

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