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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Area of Finance


Drew Winters, Ph.D., Area Coordinator

Professors: Mercer, Winters
Associate Professors: Cooney, Myers, Ritchey
Assistant Professors: Armstrong, Buschbom, Cardella, Chung, Kfir, Ottolenghi
Associate Professor of Practice: Moore
Assistant Professors of Practice: Fairbanks, Harrell

CONTACT INFORMATION: W309 Business Administration | Box 42101 | Lubbock, TX 79409-2101 | T 806.742.3196 | F 806.742.3197

About the Area

The Area of Finance supervises the following degree and certificate programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance  
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Finance  
  • Graduate Certificate in Finance  

Undergraduate Program

The goal of the finance major is to prepare students for careers in banking, business finance, investment management, and real estate. To declare a finance major, students must make a B or better in ACCT 2300  and FIN 3320 

Prospective finance students are encouraged to enroll in FIN 3320  during the second semester of their sophomore year as opposed to the first semester of their junior year. This allows finance majors to spread their core finance coursework over two years. This structure enables finance students to legitimately apply for finance internships in both their sophomore and junior summers. Such opportunities will make them more competitive in the job market. Within this structure, ACCT 2300  and ECO 2302  remain as prerequisites for FIN 3320  . However, ACCT 2301  and MATH 2345  will be corequisites for enrollment in FIN 3320  for students who have declared their intention of majoring in finance.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance offers a concentration in real estate.

Undergraduate Program Offerings, Course Descriptions & Curricular Tables

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