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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mass Communications, M.A.

About the Mass Communications Master’s Program

The Master of Arts in Mass Communications degree is designed to prepare students to enter the communications industry or to continue studies toward a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Depending upon courses selected, graduate students are prepared for careers or advanced study in the fields of media (journalism, publishing, and electronic communications), advertising, public relations, and related fields. Sports communication is also available. Enrollment is open year-round so students may start in the semester most convenient for them.

Master of Arts students are offered two curriculum options: a traditional research-based thesis program or a professional non-thesis program. All programs are 30 credit hours. The thesis program requires 24 hours of coursework and a minimum of 6 hours of thesis credit. The thesis is comprehensive original research and typically takes a full summer or regular semester to complete. Coursework must include three required courses: MCOM 5366 , MCOM 5364 , and MCOM 5374 .

The professional non-thesis program includes coursework that concludes with a capstone final project course. This course will be taken in the student’s final semester and includes a pragmatic or applied research project focusing on professional communication. Often, students use these final projects as opportunities to complete research for company/organizational clients where student work addresses real questions/concerns of a professional nature. Students can also complete a graduate-level internship to gain professional experience. It is possible to combine the internship and final project for an immersive experience that often leads to employment.

The sports media program is a concentration within the professional program where typical curriculum includes not only coursework but also an internship in sport and media.