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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Toxicology, M.S. / J.D.

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The School of Law, in association with the Graduate School, offers a joint program leading to the degrees of Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology (M.S.). This dual-degree program is designed principally for the student who has an interest in environmental law and wishes to acquire technical underpinning in Environmental Toxicology to complement legal training.

The dual-degree candidate must choose to pursue both degrees by the end of the third or fourth semester in Law School and must meet admission requirements for the second degree. Typically, if all prerequisites are met, both degree programs can be finished within four years, including summer session courses. The M.S. degree in Environmental Toxicology is offered through the Department of Environmental Toxicology. Students must apply to both the Law School and the Graduate School and be accepted by both schools. No graduate curriculum in this area can be pursued before entering Law School.

A candidate for the J.D./M.S. in Environmental Toxicology may credit up to 12 non-law credits of approved courses toward the J.D. degree and 12 law credits toward the M.S. degree. These transfers are of credit hours, not grades. Students must meet the admission requirements for both the Law School and Graduate School. The Graduate School will accept the LSAT in lieu of the GRE or GMAT exam.

The J.D./M.S. program (36 hours) is composed of coursework emphasizing the principles of toxicology, the environmental fate of chemicals, statistical approaches to study design, data handling, and data analysis, and seminars in environmental toxicology. Supplemental coursework, research, and thesis hours are chosen by the student with the guidance of their committee, allowing for focus on the student’s particular research emphasis. J.D./M.S. students must perform an original research project, prepare a written thesis, and defend their work in a public defense.

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