Jun 18, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Statistics, M.S. (Non-Thesis Report Option)

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About the Program

The requirements listed below are in addition to the university and Graduate School  requirements. A student must fill out a degree plan after the end of the first long semester and before the start of the second long semester in the program. Each student’s program of study and committee must be approved by a graduate program representative from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is expected that the student’s final report will be open to all who wish to attend, with scheduling to reflect this.

This program consists of 36 hours of graduate work that includes 33 hours of coursework (27 hours in statistics and 6 hours in mathematics) and 3 hours of credit for a departmental report. A final comprehensive examination is required.

Details of the coursework for this M.S. degree are as follows:

1. Required courses: STAT 5328 , STAT 5329 , STAT 5371 , STAT 5373 , STAT 5374 . Additionally, two from STAT 5326 , STAT 5372 , STAT 5375 , STAT 5378 , STAT 5379 , or STAT 5386 .

2. Six hours of mathematics to be selected with the approval of the director of graduate studies and the statistics coordinator.

3. One of the following two options (to be selected with the approval of the director of graduate studies).

  • Three hours in an area other than statistics, e.g., mathematics, animal science, computer science, biology, economics, engineering, psychology, or sociology. This option requires approval of the graduate advisor from the selected area.
  • Three additional hours in statistics (to be selected from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics offerings).

4. Three additional hours to be selected from requirements 1. or 3. above.

5. All statistics courses for the M.S. in Statistics must be taken from the statistics offerings in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

About the Mathematical Finance Master’s Concentration

The department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a concentration in Mathematical Finance for the Mathematics, M.S. and Statistics, M.S. programs. To satisfy the Mathematical Finance concentration, students must take at least 6 courses (18 hours) out of the following: MATH 6351 , MATH 6353 , STAT 6351 , FIN 5328 , MATH 5382 , MATH 6354 , MATH 6355 , MATH 6356 , MATH 6357 , MATH 5399 , or their MATH 5099  equivalent (hours are added manually).

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