May 22, 2022  
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Literature of Social Justice and Environment, Undergraduate Minor

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About the Literature of Social Justice and Environment Undergraduate Minor Program

The minor in the Literature of Social Justice and Environment (LSJE) provides a structured program that allows students to benefit from the creative possibilities of interdisciplinary research. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the LSJE minor compliments many majors and allows students to investigate courses committed to empowering them as responsible and conscientious global citizens. This minor is intended to engage students with the most important contemporary developments in the study of race, gender, sexuality, global studies, and the natural environment. The program offers the freedom to explore diverse interdisciplinary approaches while developing a global consciousness rooted in a broad, yet practical understanding of the institutions that shape our human efforts.

Core courses in the Department of English  focus on issues of social justice within the context of specific cultures and peoples. Within the LSJE curriculum, students may further explore discourses ranging from the gendered politics of the world of sports to historical treatments of nature and identity. They may choose to focus on topics of environmental ethics, political philosophy, and international politics. The program is flexible and adaptable to each student’s needs.

The LSJE minor requires 18 credit hours, 6 of which are required ENGL courses. No more than two courses from any department or program may count toward the minor. The College of Arts & Sciences  requires that at least 9 hours be from upper-division courses.

Contact: Dr. Cordelia Barrera, Department of English, 806.742.2501,

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