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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music: Music Leading Toward Teacher Certification (Keyboard) Specialization, B.M.

About the Music Bachelor's Program

The Bachelor of Music in Music has four fields of specialization: music (leading toward teacher certification), composition, performance, and theory. The performance field of specialization includes concentrations in piano, organ, voice, brass, woodwind, percussion, and stringed instruments. The field of specialization in music that leads toward teacher certification replaces the former Bachelor of Music Education.

Communication Literacy Requirement. Communication literacy in music is evidenced by competence in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and performing. This comprehensive approach to “musical” communication literacy is apparent in all undergraduate music degrees by matriculation and completion of our three-semester series of musicology courses (i.e. music as cultural history). There is a very distinct sequential approach to “musical” communication literacy by the orderly completion of these courses with a research paper and basic listening skills enhanced in the form of journals employed in the beginning course of the sequence, MUHL 2301  and further through the culminating course MUTH 3303 , where performance practice, critical listening, and role-playing are the hallmarks of musical integration and communication. Courses in the Communication Literacy plan are (1) MUHL 2301 , (2) MUHL 3302 , and (3) MUTH 3303 .

About the Music: Music Leading Toward Teacher Certification (Keyboard) Specialization Bachelor's Program

The curriculum tables that follow are provided as a recommended sequence to students and advisors. All B.M. students pursuing a field of specialization in music must plan their individual courses of study in consultation with the School of Music advisor and consult the online catalog for any revisions to the curriculum. Students must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA to be admitted to upper-level music education classes. See music advisor for more information.

Students should contact the College of Education concerning professional education course requirements for all-level certification.

Total Hours: 18

All Level, Keyboard Track

Principal Applied Area:

Vocal Pedagogy:



Music History and Literature:

Major Ensemble:

  • 8 semesters



Recommended Curriculum

First Year


Total: 16


Total: 17

Second Year


Total: 16


Total: 16

Third Year


Total: 13


Total: 13

Fourth Year

Total: 12


Total: 15

Fifth Year


Total: 6

Total Hours: 124

* Choose from the university’s core curriculum .


See Dr. Killian or Dr. Cash for individual ensemble options.