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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural and Applied Economics, B.S.

Communication Literacy Requirement. Students attending Texas Tech University for the first time in the Fall 2017 term or later will complete a Communication Literacy requirement in their program(s) of study.

Texas Tech University’s transition from the Writing Intensive requirement to the Communication Literacy requirement signals the university’s awareness that in addition to the fundamental role that writing plays in enabling students to explore, develop, focus, and organize a message, other types of communication must also be taught as appropriate for a student’s discipline. Throughout each program of study, then, students must be given ample opportunity to develop their skills in forms of communication central to that program.

Communication Literacy courses for the Agricultural and Applied Economics major include: AAEC 3301 , AAEC 3306 , AAEC 4303 , AAEC 4305 , AAEC 4306 , and AAEC 4309 .

Recommended Curriculum

First Year


Total: 16

Total: 16

Second Year

Third Year


Total: 16


Total: 15

Fourth Year

Total: 15


Total: 12

Total Hours: 120

Department CORE Policy: Includes AAEC 3300 , AAEC 3315 , and AAEC 2401 . All students expecting to graduate on schedule are strongly advised to complete the CORE before beginning their senior year. Students failing to do so may delay their graduation date.

Agriculture electives must be selected from PSS 1321 ; NRM 1300 , NRM 1401 ; or ANSC 1401 .

All courses in MATH and AAEC 2305  must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Electives: The degree program consists of 21 elective hours including 9 hours of required electives chosen from upper-level BA, ECO, PFP/PFI, or AAEC courses not required elsewhere (this excludes AAEC 4000  and may include AAEC 4301  for students wanting undergraduate research experience), and 12 hours of free electives chosen from any other courses not used elsewhere in the degree program. Suggested courses for students interested in specific areas are as follows:

Agricultural Business Management: Choose electives from AAEC 3303 , AAEC 4317 , and appropriate upper level courses in BA or ECO, such as BA 3301 , BA 3303 , BA 3304 , or BA 3305 , ECO 3320 . (To take BA courses, students may need to declare a business minor.)

Agricultural Production (Farm or Ranch) Management: Select electives from AAEC 4317  and appropriate courses in PSS, ANSC, NRM, and BLAW.

2.75 GPA required for ACCT 2300  and ACCT 2301 .

Students may earn a minor by using electives carefully.

Lab Science

8 hours must be from the following or any other 4-hour Life and Physical Sciences course from the university core curriculum.

Language, Philosophy, and Culture; Multicultural; or Creative Arts Elective

There are three university core curriculum requirements for these subjects. The requirements may be met individually or by completing a course that satisfies more than one. A list of approved courses is available from the dean’s office.


Group 1

Select 2 courses from the following:

Group 2

Select 2 courses from the following: