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    Texas Tech University
  Dec 11, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

Urban and Community Design Graduate Certificate

About the Urban and Community Design Graduate Certificate Program

This certificate provides a UCD specialization for graduate students and professionals in architecture or related fields. Students develop knowledge and skills in the integrated relationship between architecture and the urban environment. The certificate is further supported by opportunities to participate in the Houston Program + Practicum (includes urban + community engagement and practical experience), the Urban Tech Downtown Studio in Lubbock (fall only), and/or the Urban Design Studio in Lubbock (typically includes a study abroad field trip in spring only). This certificate requires 14 hours of approved coursework.

Contact: Assoc. Professor MaryAlice Torres-MacDonald, 713.806.2584, ma.torres-macdonald@ttu.edu



Approved ARCH Elective

one of

Approved General Elective:

one of

Total Hours: 14

*Under certain circumstances, student may take ARCH 5301  as an approved general elective. See website and director for details.