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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media Strategies, B.A.

About the Media Strategies Bachelor’s Program

This program prepares students for the rapidly evolving media environment and emphasizes strategic knowledge related to media content and resources.

The program stresses integration across media and communication disciplines to drive media innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. By emphasizing critical thinking across media forms and industries, theoretical domains, cultural contexts, and historical periods, the program prepares students for a rapidly evolving media environment. Courses in media literacy and professional communication will enhance critical understanding of media and audiences and provide skills for pitching creative ideas to management and investors. Graduates will learn to think entrepreneurially, identify opportunities, work in teams, problem solve, and communicate persuasively and effectively.

Communication Literacy Requirement. Students attending Texas Tech University for the first time in the Fall 2017 term or later will complete a Communication Literacy (CL) requirement in their program(s) of study. Texas Tech University’s transition from the Writing Intensive requirement to the Communication Literacy requirement signals the university’s awareness that in addition to the fundamental role that writing plays in enabling students to explore, develop, focus, and organize a message, other types of communication must also be taught as appropriate for a student’s discipline. Throughout each program of study, then, students must be given ample opportunity to develop their skills in forms of communication central to that program. Communication Literacy courses for the Media Strategies major are: MCOM 2310 , MCOM 2330 , MCOM 2350 , MCOM 4325 .

Recommended Sample Curriculum

First Year


Total: 17


Total: 16

Second Year

Total: 15


Total: 15

Third Year


Total: 15


Total: 15

Fourth Year


  • Group Electives 3 Semester Credit Hours
  • Elective 12 Semester Credit Hours
Total: 15


Total: 12

Total Hours: 120

* Choose from core curriculum  requirements

Students Majoring in Media Strategies

Students majoring in media strategies are required to complete 67 hours within the college, including the following core courses (43 hours):

Group A

Media and Communication Electives (15 hours):

Select from COMS, MCOM, ADV, EMC, JOUR, and PR courses, including electives, internships, practicums, and special projects. Media strategies majors are encouraged to develop a specialization or minor within another media and communication discipline.

Group B

Cognate (9 hours):

Students majoring in media strategies are encouraged to take 6 hours outside the college to develop a cognate, ideally focusing on a topic that will prepare them for a particular media and communication industry role, or that will help them develop media innovations or entrepreneurial endeavors. Media strategies majors have the option of selecting additional Group A courses to satisfy the Group B requirement.

MCOM Global Communication Courses

Choose from ADV 4313 ; COMS 3332 ; CMI 3355 , CMI 3358 ; JOUR 3370 ; any approved 4301 special topics course, approved Study Abroad course, and any foreign language taken at the college level in which a C or better was earned.