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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemical Engineering BS

Communication Literacy Requirement

Communication literacy courses include CHE 2306 , CHE 3232 , CHE 4232 , and CHE 4455 .

Recommended Curriculum

First Year

Total: 12


Total: 18

Second Year

Third Year

Total: 12


Total: 14

Fourth Year


Total: 11


Total: 10

Critical-Path Hours: 106

Additional Requirements:

  • American Government 6 Semester Credit Hours
  • Chemistry Electives 8 Semester Credit Hours
    (Must include two laboratory courses from approved sophomore or higher courses.)
  • U.S. History 6 Semester Credit Hours
  • Creative Arts 3 Semester Credit Hours

Total Hours: 129

* Students who are not adequately prepared for chemistry must take CHEM 1301  before enrolling in CHEM 1307 .
Students who are not adequately prepared for physics must take PHYS 1304  before enrolling in PHYS 1408 . A high school physics course and a year of calculus are recommended as adequate preparation.

One CHE elective can be replaced by ME 2301 , ECE 3301  or any upper-level engineering course that is not similar in content to a required course.


Students who are not adequately prepared for calculus must take the courses below before enrolling in MATH 1451 .

Creative Arts

Select a course that is simultaneously listed in the Creative Arts section of the core curriculum requirements and the section specifying courses that satisfy the multicultural requirement.