Dec 02, 2022  
2016-2017 Texas Tech School of Law Catalog 
2016-2017 Texas Tech School of Law Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Applying for Admission

An applicant for admission to the School of Law must have received or completed all requirements for a baccalaureate degree from a college or university of approved standing prior to beginning study at the School of Law (unless enrolled under the “3+3” program described in the Honors College section of this catalog). An applicant’s record must be of sufficiently high quality to demonstrate the applicant is qualified for the study of law.

An applicant also must take the Law School Admission Test, which is administered by the Law School Admission Council four times a year throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

The School of Law cooperates with the Texas Tech University Honors College and the College of Visual and Performing Arts to provide special admission programs for exceptional undergraduates. Consult the Honors College section of the Texas Tech University Undergraduate & Graduate catalog or visit for more information.

The School of Law does not prescribe a specific pre-law curriculum for its applicants. The wide range of lawyer tasks and the difference in offerings from school to school preclude such an approach. However, all students should strive toward the following goals when planning their college program: acquire the ability to read, write, and speak the English language well; gain a critical understanding of human values and institutions—political, economic, and social; and develop the power to think creatively.

Applications should be submitted to the School of Law at the earliest opportunity after October 1. The deadline for the Early Decision Program is November 1, and the deadline for the Regular Decision Program is March 1.

For more information visit the Texas Tech School of Law website at under the Admissions heading.