Oct 06, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, M.A. (Thesis Option)

About the Program

The requirements listed below are in addition to the university and Graduate School  requirements. A student must fill out a degree plan after the end of the first long semester and before the start of the second long semester in the program. Each student’s program of study and committee must be approved by a graduate program representative from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is expected that the student’s final oral defense of a thesis will be open to all who wish to attend, with scheduling to reflect this.

This Master of Arts degree is offered primarily for those students who wish to teach mathematics at the secondary level or at a junior/community college. This is an online program consisting of 30 hours of graduate work that includes 24 hours of coursework (a minimum of 18 hours in mathematics) and 6 hours of credit for the master’s thesis. See details for the thesis option at College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Programs .

This plan calls for 24 hours of course work and at least 6 hours of the thesis course (MATH 6000 ). Of the 24 hours of course work, 18 must be in mathematics. Of the 6 sequences listed below, the student must complete at least two or the equivalent:
    1.    analysis (MATH 5366  /MATH 5367 )
    2.    algebra (MATH 5368  /MATH 5369 )
    3.    topology (MATH 5369  /MATH 5372 )
    4.    geometry (MATH 5375  /MATH 5376 )
    5.    applied mathematics (MATH 5377  /MATH 5378 )
    6.    computer literacy and programming (MATH 5364  /MATH 5365 )

A minor in an approved area outside of mathematics is permitted. Normally, work in the student’s second field of certification or work towards the Professional Teacher’s Certificate will be an acceptable minor area. A thesis defense is required.